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I just discovered this really awesome site.

It’s a site that lets you leave the things that are bothering you anonymously.
When someone chooses to “carry your baggage" they’ll get your submission, and send a song and a personal note to your email address through the site (it’s never shown publicly) that may help you with what you’re going through.
I think this is an amazing idea!
Don’t keep scrolling past this cause it’s actually worth checking out! :) 


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We need this in Chicago

Chicago Warming Center Locations.


Baltimore and Chicago readers, be aware!

Not in either city? Reblog with your locations info, too.

Hotline #:

  • Baltimore: 410-433-5175 for Baltimore Area Homeless Shelters 24-Hour Hotline
  • Boston: 617-534-2526 for Friends of Boston’s Homeless or dial 311
  • Chicago: 311
  • Detroit: 1-800-274-3583 and 1-800-343-4427 (starting on Monday at 6 a.m.)
  • Kansas City, Mo.: 816-474-4599
  • New York City: 311
  • Milwaukee: 211
  • Minneapolis: 211
  • Philadelphia: 215-232-1984 for the Project HOME Homeless Outreach Hotline
  • Portland: 211
  • Richmond: 211
  • San Francisco: 311
  • Seattle: 211
  • St. Louis: 314-802-5444 for the Housing Resource Center hotline (between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Mon-Friday)
  • Thunder Bay, Ontario: 807-620-7678 for the SOS team (operates between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m.)
  • Toronto: 311
  • Washington, D.C.: 1-800-535-7252 for the Hypothermia Hotline

it is not possible to survive without shelter rn in much of north america. people without shelter WILL die. let’s watch out for each other.

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